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How to Add Your Image to a Tilted/Angled Mockup (without Photoshop)


Sometimes the best mockups aren’t straightforward – literally. If the screen for your mockup is a perfect square, it could not be easier to add your own image. But if the screen is an irregular shape because it’s on an angle or tilted in some way, the process gets a whole lot harder – especially if you’re not a Photoshop user. 


I’m going to show you an incredibly easy and fast way to add your image to a  tilted mockup, no Photoshop required. 

If you can’t or don’t want to watch a video, you can find written instructions with GIFs to guide you through just below this. Scroll down to see. 

If you are an Adobe user and would like to see how to do this with Photoshop, click here for that tutorial.


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1. Go to and open the photo with the screen you’d like to change.

2. From the top bar, select LAYER, then ADD IMAGE AS LAYER. Add the image you want in your mockup screen.

3. Resize your image to fit over the screen as best as possible. Then select EDIT, and FREE DISTORT. Start moving the corners of your screen image to line up with the corners of your mockup screen! As you move these the, image will tilt accordingly! When you’ve lined it up perfectly, click anywhere on the screen. A pop up will appear asking if you want to save your changes. Select YES. You’re done! Save your image to your computer and you’re ready to use it.


and more on the first of each month!


I’ve tried to find a way to do this on your phone – but so far I’m coming up blank! Hopefully, I’ll have a tutorial for how to do this on mobile soon. In the meantine, if you have a solution for me, please comment it or email it to me at



See what people are saying...

  1. This is very good idea, I really like this and it is very simple but inspiring.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! It is especially useful for people who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of experience with this type of stuff.

    • meghan says:

      For sure! I always try to consider beginners + people with limited skills/resources in everything I do! Just because you don’t have the time, skill, or budget for Photoshop doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to start a beautiful business 🧡

  3. Amber Myers says:

    How cool, I will have to try this out! I had no clue how to do this.

  4. Brittany says:

    Oh nice!! this sounds like a great resource!!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Very clear and useful it often happens for some campaign photos to need to do it. thanks.

    • meghan says:

      Yes, sometimes you get those angled mockups and this is a great fix! Even if you already use Photoshop, this is super fast and easy 🧡 Thanks for reading xx

  6. Jenna says:

    I’ve always just used the GBS mockups that were a perfect square – because I don’t use Photoshop. I didn’t know that I could add an image to an angled mockup without it! This tutorial really helps, thanks!

    • meghan says:

      Yay, I’m so glad! So many more opportunities just opened up for you. I shoot so many angled mockups because I feel like they look a bit less “staged” and “stock-y”. I’m really glad you’ll be able to add your photos to these tilted mockups now 🧡

  7. A very useful post and one I will bookmark for future reference.

  8. Katie Lam says:

    Images are everything, thanks for sharing!

  9. Tara Pittman says:

    This is cool to learn. I am going to have to try this with my photos

  10. This is very amazing! Nice tutorial. Keep on sharing.. 🙂

  11. I love this! You made it look so easy. And now I can customize so many more pictures using this feature.

    • meghan says:

      Yay! I’m so glad you can put this to use. Putting your photo into a tilted or angled mockup isn’t easy but it really elevates the kind of photos you can use in your business! Happy editing 🧡

  12. Hollie says:

    Wow this is so cool. I’ve never even thought about doing a titled mockup but it looks challenge. Enjoy the edits.

    • meghan says:

      Thank you! If you use styled stock photos anywhere in your business, this trick is a must! Glad you enjoyed 🧡

  13. Christine A says:

    Very good basic photo layout information. I always wondered how people actually put images into those computer/phone stock images and now I see!

  14. Britt K says:

    Thank you for breaking this down! I’m looking forward to seeing your tutorial when you figure it out on the phone as well… I do A LOT from my phone when I can because it allows me to work easier on the go.

  15. What a great tutorial! I am so happy to have found your blog- I love the layout and everything about it! Thank you for sharing this information!

  16. Great tips and what an amazing resource! Thanks for sharing the tips and images.

  17. Holly Hood says:

    This is so cool and informative. It is something that I must learn and I will be able to use it a lot.

  18. I had no idea how to do this, thanks for explaining!

  19. Wow that is significant; I am going to try that right away. Appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge!

  20. Shannon Lee says:

    This was super helpful and I LOVE the style of your blog.

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