The highest commission program for stock photos – earn 50% for every member you refer!

Should I become an affiliate?

Affiliate income is an AMAZING way to boost your blogging income. This program is for anyone who wants to share a good service and make money doing it. You get what you give with affiliate marketing – promote it well and you’ll start earning in no time.

What, when, and how will I be paid?

Affiliates will make a 50% commission on the first purchase from each membership sale that they refer. You could make anywhere from $15-$119 per referral, depending on the membership level they choose!

Commissions will be paid out when your account balance reaches $50. Affiliates will be paid through PayPal (must sign up with a valid PayPal email below) on the 15th of each month when your account balance reaches $50 or more. Money credited to your account does not accrue interest.

Are there any other benefits for affiliates?

We will occasionally also offer affiliate bonuses and contests with cash prizes for top referrers!

How can I promote Girl Boss Stock?

Promote Girl Boss Stock where ever you want – your blog, social medias, email list, Pinterest, or any web-related content. There are only 2 major rules:

  1. Do not SPAM. Market thoughtfully and ethically. Your account will be terminated on the first spamming offence (i.e. emailing people who have not given you their email address or messaging people on Facebook who you don’t know/aren’t friends).
  2. Be HONEST about the membership. Girl Boss Stock isn’t for everybody and I never want someone to sign up with false expectations only to be disappointed. The photo style will remain consistent so if someone is looking for something different, they should look somewhere else!
I have more questions!

Have questions? Send an email anytime to!