You can send me an email at anytime – including to help cancel your subscription! But please remember: this is a one-woman show. Though I do my best to respond to all emails as quickly as possible, there may be times it can take up to 48 hours for a response. Please get in touch with me with the proper notice to cancel your subscription before your next rebill. As stated above, I cannot offer refunds if you email me AFTER your rebill date, or if you email me with less than 48 hours notice and I am unable to cancel your memebership for you before the renewal.

I have another question or need more help.


I love getting member requests - I want to create what you need! Visit our request page or email me at I always work hard to make sure I prioritize member requests + get them up as soon as possible. Please just note that it's hard to make guarantees on exactly upload dates of requests. I have to source props, backgrounds, and locations - so it really depends on what you're looking for. Submit a request and we'll talk details!

How can I request photos or elements?


Because members get full and immediate access to my whole collection (which contains over $2000 in value), I do NOT offer refunds of any kind. The value of what I provide with GBS is incredible, especially considering the low monthly cost. I have this policy in place to protect myself + my members by maintaining the exclusivity of our photos + graphics. Please make sure you're aware of your renewal date and cancel before you are rebilled. 

Am I able to get a refund for my membership?


On every member page (including this page), you can access your account through the bright orange ‘My Account‘ button in the top right corner. Once on the account page, you’ll see tabs at the top. Click the ‘Subscription’ tab to cancel or change your subscription at any time.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?


Yes, our images and elements are extremely high quality. Most of the images are at least 2000 x 3000 pixels - which is a large, clear image that should be perfect for any size project. Whether it's a big, beautiful website header or a small Instagram photo, GBS photos will do the job + save you so much time. 

Are the images & elements high quality?


Our gallery currently has over 1500+ photos ready to be downloaded immediately! 4 new collections are released every month - 2 on the 1st of the month, and 2 more on the 15th of the month. Each new collection contains at least 40 images. I always make sure to include 2 neutral collections a month - so every member can use them, no matter the color palette of their brand. To see exactly what collections are currently inside, as well as the elements + templates available, visit the Perks page.

How many images are in the gallery? How often do new images get released?


GBS is a great match for so many brands. Our content is high-quality, versatile, and comes in a variety of aesthetics + colors. Explore our Inspiration Hub or our Perks page to see exactly what's inside a GBS membership - I'm sure you'll see how it will improve your visuals! Don't forget that you can also request photos + elements specifically to fit your brand style, so there is something for everyone.

How do I know I'll find photos + elements I can use?


Yes and no. You can absolutely use the photos to promote your templates or client services - as examples of how beautiful photos would look in your templates or designs - but the photos cannot be included in the package to your client or with your templates for the buyer to use. Again, ask yourself - am I allowing someone to use this photo who didn't pay for it?

You can encourage clients or buyers to become a GBS member so they can use our photos in your designs - and we would pay you for referring a new member! If you join our affiliate program, we pay you a 60% commission for every sale you refer - so it's a win-win for you and your client. Check out our affiliate area to start making money from your membership!

Can I use the images for clients or in templates I plan to sell?


- Give for free or re-sell the images as they are. They must be customized and the buyer must NOT be able to access the photo without your customizations. Please remember – simply editing the photo differently (including cropping or rotating) is NOT sufficient customization. 
- Use the images in your own membership of any kind OR use them to promote a stock photo membership.

If you're still not sure of what how you're allowed to use the photos - or you have a specific scenario in your mind -  I'm more than happy to help clear up the license for you. Simply email me at or get in touch via my contact page.

What can I NOT do with the images as a GBS member?


In short, you can use the images for a wide range of free + paid content. When you’re deciding if you can use the photos for opt-ins + paid products, always think like this: am I giving access to the image to someone who didn’t pay for it?  If not, go ahead!

- The image or elements are not the offer (ex. you cannot use them to create a free stock photo opt-in of your own).
- The image or elements cannot be taken from the opt-in. 
- The images or elements are not the main component of the opt-in.

- Use GBS content on social media, websites and blogs, and in advertising.
- Use to promote your business, your products, or yourself.
- The images + elements may be used to create opt-ins and lead magnets, or in paid products as long as:

GBS members have a limited commercial license to my work. This means you can use the photos in your business, to promote your products, on your social medias, and more, but it must be for the marketing and promotion of YOUR business, not for clients or to sell. Here is what you CAN do as a paid member:

What kind of license do I have as a GBS member?


Yes, you 100% can edit the photos. I highly encourage you to customize them to better suit your needs + your business. I have plenty of tutorials on the blog or in the training area that can help you make stock photos unique to you. Don't forget to visit the Inspiration Hub so you can see the creativity of GBS users and get inspired to create amazing visuals yourself.

Can I change or edit the photos + graphics?


No, you do not need to credit Girl Boss Stock when you use the images – but you are more than welcome to tag me on Instagram @girlbossstock. I love to see what you’re creating + reshare members using the images! 

Do I need to credit GBS when I use the images?


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