I’m going to walk you through how to use the new Vintage Effects Creator on your phone. It comes with lots of old vintage film frames, light leaks, and dusty filters to make your images look amazing. Here are few example shots I edited:



If anyone has ever used Unfold – the app that allows you to layer photo and video to create stories – that is what gave me the idea for vintage frames. Why? 1. Because Unfold charges for you to download the vintage frames pack. 2. When you have the vintage frames pack, there is NO customizability. You can’t move the frames around, change up the positioning, add more or take some away – you’re just stuck with their default presets. Sometimes you can’t even add a background.

So I knew there must be a better way to create stories and images with a little more flexibility. Here’s how to use the Vintage Film Effect pack (after you download it from the element gallery of course):



Download Photoshop Mix

I would compare Photoshop Mix to Canva – but for your iPhone and a little more powerful. It’s an incredible app for creating graphics and cool, layered image effects.




I’ll have a tutorial on this coming soon, but mainly I would add grain. You can’t do this in Photoshop mix unfortunately, so you’ll have to use another app, but I fully think it’s worth the few seconds it would take. The grainy look paired with the dust filters? Amazing.

Other than that, just play around. A few things that I would look at adjusting? Contrast, saturation, and exposure.




In it, I walk you through exactly how I created that top left image using the film pack and how you can go on to make stories.

The tutorial is really important, especially for the light leaks. You CANNOT add light leaks to photos as they are downloaded. They need to be blended in Photoshop Mix (or another program) to get the true effect. 




  1. I really like the look of mixing light leaks – adding a few to one image. Play around and see how it looks.
  2. If you would like any more tutorials, please don’t hesitate to let me know.
  3. I started with a few light leaks and a few dust filters – but I can absolutely create more if you find something missing or if you’re enjoying using them and would like more options.


Enjoy using the creator and send any feedback to hey@girlbossstock.com!

Your photos are on their way!