Puzzle feeds have quickly become one of my all time favorite Instagram styles. Why?

1. They can be effortless. Once you have your basic feed configured, it just becomes a matter of popping in your photos + text.

2. You don’t need to have perfect photos. The feed works together as a whole, so individual images do not have to be perfect. As long as it blends in to the overall design.

3. It’s easy to put together a clear, enticing aesthetic. It’s not easy to create a consistent feed with images – you need to edit, color, and light your photos in a specific way to keep your feed looking branded. With a puzzle feed, you can rely on the backgrounds + elements to keep your feed consistent!

If you run a business and want a MORE impactful feed with LESS time and effort, then this is the tutorial for you. I’m going to walk you through creating a puzzle feed with your phone – no Photoshop required!

You 100% can follow this advice with Photoshop – you can even use their built in SLICE feature to cut your puzzle grid into squares instead of an app! I am showing my work with Procreate and Canva to make this tutorial accessible to everyone – no matter your skill level or budget!

Don’t forget to grab the FREE puzzle feed starter kit. 41 graphics including shapes, lines, glitters, and Polaroid Frames to help you put together your own Puzzle Feed!

Here are some puzzle feed examples to inspire you. I made these 3 feeds using the SAME elements from the puzzle feed kit – I just changed the colors + vibe. Click here to grab the kit!


Follow along with this tutorial to see how I design my puzzle feeds. I’ve included some best practices, as well as a video recording of my actual process! I recommend just starting with 9 squares so that you can nail down your style – we can make more squares next!


♡ The Procreate or Canva app to create your puzzle feed. 

♡ A stylus DEFINITELY helps if you’re doing this on your phone + it’s critical if you want to do handdrawn elements. It doesn’t have to be fancy – even something cheap will work better than your fingers!

♡ The Photo Grid app. This is what I used but you can use any photo splitting app. Search for “9 grid” or “photo grid” in the App Store. 

♡ A general color + style idea. 

Heads up: this video CAN be watched with out sound! The instructions are written out for you.


Once you design your first 9 squares, making your feed repeat infinitely is easy. Follow along with this tutorial to see how I do it. 


♡ In the tutorial, I create a feed that repeats every 18 squares. You could create a larger feed by making the area in the centre (where you connect them) larger. 

If you need help with getting the dimensions right, here are my recommended sizes:

18 squares: 3000px x 5000px
27 squares: 3000px x 8000px

♡ The image sizes may seem large but remember these will be cut into individual images! Each image on your feed should be at least 1000 x 1000 px. for good quality.

Your photos are on their way!