If you use stock photos, or even if you take them yourself, I’m sure you’ve been heartbroken over beautiful photos that just don’t match your branding. Even if the tone is off just a little bit – or one color is too overpowering – it can throw off the whole image. So today I want to walk you through how you can easily and quickly change the colors in an image to match your preferred color scheme!

We’re going to use Pixlr Editor, which is an awesome free online tool for your computer. It’s worth playing around with because it’s a pretty decent photoshop alternative.  For the tutorial, I’m using one of the free stock photos I have

It’s just a simple, pretty iPhone mockup. If you want to steal this photo to use for yourself (+ 9 other photos AND free photos on the first of each month), let me know below and I’ll send you the images right now!


Free Stock Photos


If you want to learn how to do color changing + replacing on your phone, I have a tutorial on that here.


How to Change + Replace Colors in Photos

1. Upload your image and double-click set main color on the side bar.

This is where you’ll select the new color you want to replace with.


How to Change + Replace Colors in Photos


2. Select your color.

Choose the new color you want in your image. On the right of the panel, you can even input the specific color code you use for your branding. I love this option because it really allows you to create a cohesive look. You can also use the dropper tool to select a color from elsewhere in the image.


How to Change + Replace Colors in Photos


3. Select the color replace tool from the sidebar.

This is the tool you’ll use to actually change the color. It’s a brush tool so hold down and drag over the area you wish to change.


How to Change + Replace Colors in Photos


4. Change the settings if necessary.

Take a look at the photo below. Just above the top left corner of the photo you’re editing, you can see Brush + Tolerance settings. You can adjust these depending on the items you’re looking to change.

In my photo, I’m going to change the color of the flowers. The Brush setting controls the size and edges of the tool you’ll use to apply the new color. Of course you’ll want a bigger brush with faded edges for re-coloring a large area. I chose quite a big brush to change the tone of my flowers. You might want a smaller brush with harsher edges for more specific color replacing, so that you don’t get too much of the surrounding image.

Tolerance is how sensitive the brush is. If you choose a high tolerance, the brush will change the color you’re looking to change, PLUS similar shades around it. If you choose a low tolerance, the brush will only change the darkest pigments and leave the rest untouched.

If you want to re-color an object with lots of shade variation, you’ll want to use a high tolerance. For example, my flowers have several shades of peach. The center of the flower is a darker peach which fades out to almost white at the edges of the petals. If I selected a low tolerance, the brush would only change the darker peaches, leaving the outer petals unmodified. If I choose a high tolerance, it will color all tones of peach, even if they’re light.

For this image, I went with a fairly high tolerance – I adjusted from 42 to just over 100.


5. Use the tool to run over the area with the color you want to change.

Start painting!


How to Change + Replace Colors in Photos


And there you go – you should have a re-colored image in no time. I hope you like and use this strategy! I think that this will really open the doors to the types of photos you can use for your business because inconsistent color won’t stand in your way.


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